04 Nov

So Mum and Dad’s 1st birthday present for me was flying into Shanghai.. our first time together here as a family! It’s been a ton of fun over the past week.. exploring Shanghai – which basically means eating our way around Shanghai ;) Their 2nd birthday present was a whole bunch of Japanese snacks and chocolates.. because they’re my favourite :) And because they were in Japan for a week before coming to Shanghai. And their 3rd birthday present was given to me on the day of my birthday itself:

JAPANESE stuff!!! I totally love Japan-made goods, they’re always superior

A beautiful pendant covered in gold leaf

I love the feel of it, it’s so ultra smooth and sleek :)

A pic of it on me (the chain’s actually longer, I just pulled it back to make it shorter)

A Japanese hair claw! I wanted to get one in Shanghai but it was too expensive,
so very happy I have one now :)

Looks nice clipped over a ponytail

I love ’em! Thanks Mum and Dad :D

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