04 Nov

South Beauty
881 Yanan Lu (延安中路881号)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元

Chris and I have been to South Beauty twice before, and have always been impressed with their food. And so this was the place I selected for my birthday lunch with the family. I was originally eyeing the Foie Gras buffet at the Sofitel, but then we decided we’d only just gorge ourselves silly (and obese) with foie gras and South Beauty would be a better option ;)

The reservations girl was a case of “the lights are on, but nobody’s home”. Despite me requesting for (and confirming) a “table outside”, when we arrived we were told it was not open due to a wedding later in the day. Fair enough, but why not tell me when I was making the reservation, or call me and inform me? Fortunately, their upstairs dining area was also nice since it was out on the balcony, so we didn’t kick up too much of a fuss.

The one thing that astounded me at South Beauty was their refusal to serve water. When I asked, she insisted “still or sparkling”? I HATE it when restaurants do that, especially expensive ones. Let’s face it – you’re already making so much money, why insist on charging for water? For that reason alone, I don’t think I’d go back to the restaurant and it gives them a massive thumbs down.

Fortunately for them, their food is really good, so I overlooked their water blunder. The dishes were all deliciously cooked, exceptionally tasty and well presented. A total joy to eat :) The best by far is their Sweet and sour Mandarin fish, a whole fish that is lightly battered and smothered in a rich (but not too overpowering) sweet and sour sauce. The fish was moist and tender, offset by the tasty crisp exterior. Delish!!

It was a great birthday meal because the dishes were so good. Shame they didn’t pick up their service.

Outside our apartment – was a gorgeous autumn day!

This is another way to wear an Hermes scarf btw – as a strapless top, tied behind :)

Walking into South Beauty…

…which has its own stand-alone building/villa

Seated in the upstairs balcony area in the sun

Mum liked the roses and asked me to hold ’em up for a pic, hence the random photo

Artistic plates

Assorted appetizers that I didn’t eat, too weird looking and hello, it’s all veggies

My Corona beer with Chris’ Hoegaarden. Awesome with the spicy food!

Crispy Chicken – boy this was good. Really plump and juicy!

Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish – my favourite dish. Perfectly cooked, so moist,
and awesome flavour! I LOVE sweet & sour…

Sword beans – fantastically tasty and delicious considering they were veggies!

Spicy beef Sichuan style – man this was a killer, wayyy too spicy for me to eat

Dandan noodles – so tasty!

Shenjian buns – delicious, all crispy on one side, and fluffy on the other. Mmm…

Our yummy array of dishes

Happily about to tuck in

Inside the restaurant, randomly taken whilst I was waiting for Mum and Dad to come out of the bathrooms

There was a wedding in the garden downstairs. I liked it because the colours were
very similiar to ours. Plus, their wedding flowers were just gorgeous!

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