01 Nov

Every 25 seconds an Hermes scarf is sold somewhere in the world.

And so Chris contributed towards about 1 minute’s revenue towards Hermes for my birthday ;)

When he gave me the paper bag, my thought was “Oooooh! Hermes!” and simultaneously my other thought was “Crap! Hermes!” because I know just how much Hermes costs (ummm.. ouch)…. When I peeked inside, there was not one… but TWO Hermes boxes! My jaw dropped :P

Recently I’ve gotten interested in scarves, and I guess must’ve lamented to Chris I didn’t have a really nice scarf.. and he must’ve remembered! That, or he knows me VERY well :) He’d gone to the boutique and picked up 2 designs that he thought I’d like, and he has great taste!

It takes a studio of 20 designers about 2 years< to complete a Hermes scarf from design concept, engraving and printing to the hand finishing process.
Every scarf tells a unique story.
Each scarf contains 65 grams of silk from approximately 250 cocoons.
And their special rounded hem? It's specially hand-rolled and takes 40 minutes to complete.

Very cool trivia eh?! With Hermes, it could never be just a scarf, I guess ;)

What I like most is that Hermes scarves are timeless – they’re not like regular scarves that you buy to use, then chuck ’em away/lose them after awhile. With Hermes, the scarves become covetable vintage scarves, which I can pass to my daughter(s) to use in future.. and that’s a nice thought :)

I could find one of the Hermes scarves on their official website but the other one is AWOL, or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough :P I loooove both though, they’re each so different so I’ve created a whole variety of ways to use ’em and pair them with my outfits. Will post pics of what I’ve done next!

Box #1 – Beautiful, soft silk…. aiiieeee!

Tres gorgeous Hermes scarf

I adore the vibrant colours of this one!

Really gorgeous design :)

The little Hermes stamp at the corner

Box #2 – PIIIIIINK!!!!

Pastel pink and turqouise/blue – one hella gorgeous colour combination

Prettiness :)

Heh, cute

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