31 Oct

Mr and Mrs Bund
6/F, The Bund 18
18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu,
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元元

For my birthday dinner Chris took me to Mr and Mrs Bund, a modern French restaurant by Paul Pairet. It’s a large restaurant overlooking the Bund (and towards Pudong on the other side of the river), with gorgeous chandeliers and a chic black & red luxe decor. The staff wear preppy black and red, complete with cool Converse shoes. I loved how attentive they were, and that they could all speak English.

We settled into the soft seats at our corner table by the window, overlooking the sparkling lights of the Bund. And then we were presented with the menu – a book of a menu! The digest menu placed at the front is for first-timers, which is already a full menu in itself. The rest of the menu is an exhaustive list of various meats, seafood, desserts, etc. We spent about 15 minutes alone looking through the menu trying to figure out what we were going to order ;)

I had small heart attacks as I perused the menu. The place is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. Even asking for “water please” is expensive, because you get a 80元 bottle of water. YIKES!!! But I bit my tongue because Chris doesn’t like me complaining about prices when we’re out.. and figured it was my birthday anyway, so what the heck ;)

The food was excellent – lovely cuisine and my favourite by far was the Homemade Duck Foie Gras with Herb Salad – a BIG chunk of creamy, delectable foie gras. Ooooooh la la! I would go back again just for that ;) The mains were also fantastic, it’s a real treat to have a perfectly cooked thick steak and a large chunk of moist cod (with no bones) in Shanghai – they’re impossible to find in regular restaurants.

We would have really appreciated a complimentary mini birthday cake or something, that’s usually the mark of fine-dining restaurants in Australia and sadly, it was missed here. So we ordered our own, but it was not that impressive as the molten chocolate cake was significantly undercooked – there was basically no cake, apart from a wet casing, and there was so much liquid chocolate it was literally just drinking liquid chocolate for our dessert. It tasted fine, but was unimpressive and certainly not worth the money.

Apart from that, it was a fantastic meal and so much fun to have a relaxing, romantic birthday dinner… my first one as a married lady, hehe. Oh, and because people always ask, the dress I’m wearing is Nanette Lepore – I love it because it fits well, and the collar/top is so unusual with the style and beading!

THANK YOU my awesome husband for a fantastic dinner date! :)

Looking up at Mr and Mrs Bund in the building

Chic black & white interior

The view of the Bund from our table

Tres cool water glasses!!! Look closely, the water’s held in a smaller round area inside the glass

Sleek silver cutlery

Wine vending machine, I mean, dispenser!

A little how-to card on how to use the wine dispenser

Tuna mousse with crisp bread

Delicious warm breads

Homemade Duck Foie Gras with Herb Salad

Happily tucking in

Chris trying to look pensive

Black Cod – Light Meuniere, Truffles, Salad

Oversized French Fry – lol!!!!

Chauteaubrand Steak with traditional French Tarragon-Butter emulsion

A huge cup of the emulsion

Perfectly cooked and so juicy

Warm chocolate cake

You can get a card for Mr and Mrs Bund for 50,000RMB!!! *faint*

Even the bathrooms were chic

I got my present!!!! HERMES!!! The bag alone was enough to make me squeal ;)

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