29 Oct

So here’s my new Gucci Jolicoeur tote bag! I wanted a big roomy bag, but one that was light. Often, larger style bags are sooo heavy my shoulder hurts after awhile. I liked this one as it’s really light, and really opens up so I can stuff loads of things inside. It slings nicely over my shoulder and is a fabulous everyday bag. I also love how slouchy it is, it collapses/slouches when I put it on the table – which is my pre-requisite whenever I buy a bag, I love all things slouchy and smooshy. Yay!

Gucci Jolicoeur tote

The super-roomy interior

Worn with an Alannah Hill cotton dress
Great ‘big bag’ size on me

Worn with a Chick! tennis dress and Hermes twilly (worn as a bracelet)

A full-length shot

A candid pic that Chris took, of me rummaging around in my bag in the elevator

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