YIXING: bamboo sea forest

25 Oct

We were also taken sightseeing to the Bamboo Sea in Yixing. It’s located in the boundary of Su, Zhe and Wan Province, so took us almost an hour to get there. The place is so beautiful, such a far cry from the crazy dusty city of Shanghai. The air was a LOT cleaner and clearer, and the weather was just perfect. We climbed up and up and up – the peak is about 30 mins away so we didn’t go all the way up to the top (though others did), but rested mid-way and just enjoyed the scenery and fresh air.

The area is considered a “natural oxygen bar”, since the air is so crisp and fresh. A very nice and much needed breath of fresh air – literally!

By the mini lake outside the Bamboo Sea forest

TEEMING with fishes!

That’s the mountain we climbed

OK we cheated, the buggy took us about 1/3 of the way up there ;)

But man it was a good bum/thigh workout!

The air was crisp and fresh, aaahhhhh…..

Pretty bamboo

Catching our breath mid-way

Craaaazy driver hooning down the mountain – cripes!

(link for China visitors)

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