16 Oct


Yep, YinQiXing Indoor Skiing Centre is China’s first indoor ski centre and first in scale in the world. Coolness. It’s about half an hour by taxi from the city, which is not bad at all. Chris has been gagging to go there because he’s a big ski buff; I was less eager. I’d never been skiing before, except for when I was 11 or 12, where I think I went on a school excursion in the snow, but can’t really remember..!

The centre provides everything you need – ski jacket, pants, skiis, and even gloves. Unfortunately for some completely absurd reason, the smallest Adult Womens ski suit was WAAAAY TOO BIG on me. Absurd, because we’re in China where girls are stick thin, yet their suits were catered for much larger women! Gah. So either I had to wear a Children’s suit (noooo way am I suffering that embarassment) or look like a sad hobo shuffling around in my oversized suit. On the plus side, Chris looked very delectable indeed in his ski suit and on his skis :)

It was loads of fun! My very first time down the Beginners slope was terrifying though, because 1) I’d never done it before, and 2) I hadn’t learned how to slow down or stop. Eeeeekkk!! So I went faster and faster until I got down to the bottom when I finally stopped. Man. So after that, Chris showed me how to ‘snowplow’ which slows you down, and then afterwards I was a total ace on the Beginners slope, if I do say so myself ;) Super loved it and it was fun zooming around.

Then Chris was up on the Intermediate slope, and me being competitive and always wanting to be #1, promptly decided that… hey, *I* was Intermediate level too!


Let’s just say I fell flat on my ass TWO TIMES going down the first time. Hard. And each time, I couldn’t get up by myself, because my arm/leg muscles are too weak to actually get myself off the ground *SHAME*. So I floundered around angrily in the snow, yelping away pathetically until Chris came by to pick me up.

Most people would’ve given up by then, with a sore butt, sore arms, sore everything else. But nooooooooooooooo. I promptly went back up and did the Intermediate slope again. This time, I fell THREE times! And couldn’t get up by myself each and every time!! By this time, was royaly pissed off and ready to kill someone.. which of course made it worse which was why I kept falling down again. As Chris said, he saw me going for about 1 sec, then my body looked like it was saying “Nah. Can’t be bothered” and my bottom would try to plonk into the snow, so of course I’d tumble down ungracefully. Grrrr!

So after all that, I was too sore and bruised to continue, so ended up back on the Beginners slope where I did just fine, haha. So lesson learnt – when you’re a newbie and only been skiing for < 1 hr, STICK to the baby slopes!!

YinQiDing Indoor Skiing Centre

Behold the hobo!

All ready to go

The flat area for praticising, for beginners like me, haha

And… we’re off!

Video of me “zooming” down the slope

Video of Chris being a skiing pro, with me and my dorky commentary

Man I look REALLY uncoordinated *rofl*!!!

Video of me skiing, taken whilst Chris was skiing behind me

Hmm.. nice profiling, but Istanbul?! Makes me wanna go there now :P

Your City is Istanbul
You are hip and modern. You are an expert on what’s hot, and you are always up for trying the newest things.
You play so much that people may ask if you ever work at all. You’re the type to party until dawn, even on a work night.

You are liberal and progressive. You may have grown up around conservative elements, but you reject them completely.
People can’t help but notice your style and flair. You are getting more popular every day.

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