11 Oct

We actually live about 10mins walk from the Shanghai Museum, but never got round to going there. It’s funny; sometimes the closer you are in proxmity to something, the longer it takes for you to get off your ass and get there ;)

The place is much, much bigger than expected, with huge rooms, each with a different theme. It was cool seeing China’s history but I did find it a bit… much. I think it’d really appeal to people that love history, but sadly, I am not one of them. I appreciate seeing all the progression China has made over the centuries, and it was eyeopening, but after awhile I kind of lost interest. Partly because we were both starving and all we wanted was some food ;)

I’m glad we went though. I did learn a lot more about China’s history and culture than I knew before. Plus, despite going during a public holiday, they were good with limiting numbers and so it wasn’t packed, and so we didn’t get crazy people pushing and shoving us. That’s always good :)

Outside the Shanghai Museum. How gorgeous is the day?!?! Autumn’s here!

Some ugly head. Oh, and a stone sculpture too.


A big block of… umm.. stone carving

An even bigger one


Pottery and stuff

Gorgeous ceramics

Love the vibrant colours

My favourite. Man, I REALLY want one of these at home…

Cute teapot with little ceramic peaches on top, randomly


What does this say? “Big… something”?

Cool bowl that’s bright red on the outside and has a lovely painting on the inside

Jade ornaments laid on the dead

Very very very old coins that China used to use. Way cool.

Taking a sneaky pic before the guard chased us away,
that’s why we realised photography’s not allowed in the Paintings room!

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