08 Oct

Went out for lunch with Chris down the road and decided to do a bit of shopping on the way back. Ended up with this GORGEOUS Marc Jacobs lambskin leather jacket!! It caught my eye because it’s so absolutely buttery soft and supple.. and smells totally divine. I know it’s bad and all, but I loooooove leather. It’s soft and smells amazing and is so luscious… ahhhhh…..

The jacket is this rich dark chocolate colour and is beautifully fitted, so it doesn’t look boxy or bulky like many other jackets do. Best of all, it has 2 large rivets on each side that ties shut with a silk ribbon that comes with it – so girly! The plain silk ribbon is boring though, so I’m going to swap it and use either my Tiffany & Co scarf, Hermes twilly, Missoni scarf or Louis Vuitton bandeau. Since each of ’em are so so so different, it means it creates lots of different looks and ways to mix-and-match my styles.

Marc Jacobs lambskin leather jacket

Closer look

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