18 Sep

Jumbo Seafood
20 Upper Circular Road #B1-48
The Riverwalk

PRICE: $$$$-

Jumbo Seafood is one of the restaurants tourists who appreciate their bellies make a beeline for, and also a favourite amongst locals. They’re famous for smashing good seafood, and have a couple of great locations around Singapore. A colleague once came back to Australia and showed me the Jumbo bib (which you wear whilst eating chili crabs there) and proudly announced she went to Jumbo Seafood :P

It was here that we had a union of the families dinner after our wedding rehearsal ;) The first time in a long time (years?) that both our families sat down for a meal together. This is what you get when you have really international families! It was really nice to sit down for a good meal, and unwind before the actual wedding.

Service was polite, but brisk, because Jumbo Seafood is famous for pumping people in and out, since it’s always packed to the rafters. It was a Thursday night, yet was still jampacked with diners. Chris’ parents selected the Set Menu, which turned out to be a super choice, because the food was excellent!! They came in large portions and was very very well cooked, not always the case when you order set meals at other places.

My favourite? The Chili king crab of course! The claws were so huge that it had a LOT of meat. I normally stay away from eating crab because I can’t be bothered fiddling around and putting in soooo much effort for sooooo little reward/meat. But this just made it easy. But the best part? Dunking the “man tou” (deep fried bread rolls) into the thick eggy spicy gravy. Ohhhh maaaannnn… I think that’s one of my favourite foods/flavours in the world. Salivating thinking about it right now….

I’d go back anyday. Am a big fan!

Full of greedy diners

Jumbo exquisite combination platter –
luckily for them, it really did taste exquisite ;)

Live ‘soon hock’ fish deep fried

Live lobster braised with superior stock

Wok fried scallops with XO sauce

Chilli king crab

Mmmm.. yum!

Braised e-fu noodles with seafood and mushrooms

Honeydew sago

Our table! :)

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