17 Sep

Chris and I decided to wander around Chinatown in Singapore a few days after we got married.. usually, when we’re in Singapore, we’d be with Mum and Dad who would take us around. But now that we’re married and all, we were left to our own devices :P It was a bit weird going around Singapore by ourselves, catching cabs to places etc! Quite a surreal feeling cos I’m so so so used to being around Mum and Dad almost 24/7 whenever I’m in Singapore.

Anyway, after we figured out how to get to Chinatown, we walked around the streets but I didn’t buy anything because 1) it’s all random touristy knickknacks that I don’t find interesting and 2) I can get the same stuff for about 1/3 the price in China, where they’re all made anyway. We did eat a German bratwurst sausage though, randomly! It was from some famous little stall there, with lots of media writeups. But 1 sausage alone was $3.50. OUCH.

And then we found a little botchy ‘ol hawker center right in Chinatown, and decided to have some Singapore coffees there. Normally, it’s about $1 or less for a coffee. At this joint? $2.50!!!!! When they asked us to pay both of us did a total second-take and choked out, “What? Are you SERIOUS?” because we were that shocked. Turns out that even though they’re a dirty and cheap place, the fact that they’re in Chinatown (ie. HELLO tourists!) means they can basically rip people up the wazoo . ANGRY. We had no choice but to pay, but man, that prices can get you a FULL MEAL in other places outside of Chinatown! Serves us right for being tourists and going to Chinatown, I guess.

Whilst there, we headed to the Chinatown Heritage Centre to wander around and learn about the history of Singapore. Incredibly, I realised I actually know nothing about it… well, now I do!

Being a total tourist in Singapore’s chinatown

Lots of cute little stalls

Chris, the typical Singapore coolie

Inside the Chinatown Heritage Centre

Ummmm… Empress and Emperor? ;)

Origins of Chinese last names.. or something like that.

Recreation of a market in olden Singapore

And a simulation of an old kitchen – this is actually what China still looks like in the alleys!


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