14 Sep

Couple of friends and I decided to meet up for some pizza and then drinks afterwards.. but then 2 of us first decided to meet up at The Shed, a little known Aussie pub, since we felt like a quiet drink and catchup. Well, at least that was the plan – it competely changed ;)

Running around like crazy girls and pissing off the guys
who were trying to watch a game of football ;)

(hence the pained grin)

After about an hour at The Shed, all of us left for Kommune because 2 of the guys were enrolled in the……… Pie Eating Competition!! Hahaha! My girl friend and I tried to enter (both of us were wearing pink, so we named ourselves Team Ballet – we had to have a name that was a sport) but you had to pre-register and all the 5 team spots were filled – boo. I bet we would’ve done really well too. And, um, I also wanted FREE MEAT PIES ;) All 20 of them (that’s the number each had to eat), lol!

Kommue’s a great little cafe/pub. It’s got Aussie beers and Aussie meat pies.. and damn those pies are good! We had to pay for ours though ;) It’s got a nice outdoor area to sit at and people watch, and the place was packed out with people watching the Pie Eating Competition. It didn’t last long (maybe 5 mins tops) but it was hilarious! Fairly gross to watch, but a total riot.


Sitting outside having a drink


The guys from The Shed with the organiser

And…. so the pie eating competition begins!

Video of the pie eating competition

We get to eat OUR pies too ;)

We stayed at Kommune ’til about 11PM or so.. then decided to head off to Brown Sugar nightclub, my favourite one around Shanghai. It attracts lots of expats and very good looking locals, and has an excellent live band/singer that plays all my favourite music. Happily, everyone loved it too and declared it their favourite club as well! Their drinks are really expensive but I guess part of the price goes towards the live entertainment. We danced nonstop for about 3 hours or so… my legs were aching so much the next day :P But it was hella fun!

Bartender performing stunts at Brown Sugar night club

The dance-off

Video of the dance-off


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