08 Sep

I’ve been trying to find a nice leather cuff for ages and ages. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible for me to find one because: 1) My wrist is a tiny 5″ circumference and 2) leather cuffs can’t be altered.

Then, I spotted this Hermes leather wrap bracelet. It wraps round your wrist and buckles up.. and whilst you’re normally meant to wrap it round 3 times, I found out that if I wrap it round 4 times instead and put it on the tightest hole, IT FITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously the first time ever a leather has fit me. Am over the moon, and also no longer feel like a I-can’t-wear-bracelets freak.

It’s in the Hermes signature orange which I know doesn’t exactly ‘go’ with a lot of my outfits, but with Hermes, it’s a statement piece so I just wear it regardless of the colour of my outfit. It really pops and looks casual but still nice. Loving it :)

What’s in the box??

Hermes leather wrap bracelet, in signature orange!

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Posted by on 8 September 2009 (Tue) in Fashion, Hermes, Uncategorized



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