07 Sep

I normally use freebie notebooks at work to scribble my notes in during meetings. So I decided once and for all to get a really good notebook and always use it. After hunting around and doing lots of online research, I decided on the HERMES ‘ulysse’ notebook in Shocking Rose.

The Hermes notebook is made from a luscious, think soft leather… with no markings/logos screaming “HERMES!’ on the outside at all. It’s completely plain. It’s only a tiny tab on the inside cover that says “HERMES PARIS”, which I love. Very subtle – no one will ever know it’s Hermes unless they truly know the brand.

It’s the perfect size – small enough to carry around to meetings but big enough to write a lot of notes. It’s also encouraging me to take a lot more notes because I can be pretty lazy sometimes. And, of course, the piiiinnnnkkkk! It truly is a “shocking rose”, as bright as bright can be and makes me oh-so-happy :P An instant way to cheer me up and I love the pop of colour.

Love it. Much better than the free notebooks I pick up :P

Hermes ‘ulysse’ notebook in Shocking Rose

Was tossing up between the pink and the classic Hermes orange, but the pink won!

The interior

No Hermes marks or logos except for a tiny tab on the inside

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