06 Sep

In order for us to get married, we needed a Special Marriage License. This was because we were in Singapore only 5 business days before our wedding.. and you’re meant to be in the country “at least 2 weeks” prior. It costs $200 to get, and you know what it gets you? Just them processing the marriage certificate faster – that’s all! $200 is daylight robbery for that, no? i don’t like stupid ways of trying to make a quick buck like this… they should change it so that the fee is waived if you can prove you work overseas and can’t take the time off. Grrrr.

Anyway, Mum and Dad drove us down to the Registry of Marriages (ROM) and it was a really quick job. Just filled in all our details, showed our passports, showed proof that we were employeed overseas… and that was it. We were then called up to the counter and had to put up our right hand and make a declaration. Felt a bit comical doing that ;)

And that was it! We got our wedding certificate. It wasn’t signed, just an empty certificate that we would later sign during the actual ceremony, and our pastor would also sign to officiate the marriage. So it was pretty uneventful for us. So much so that Chris rocked up in jeans, and me in a casual tank and a miniskirt. Quite hilarious since the other couples there were COMPLETELY dolled up (a bit crazy IMHO) so we looked like hobos, haha!

Filling in our details at ROM

Waiting for our number to be called

Um. I look freakishly small here..


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