HONEYMOON IN THE MALDIVES – room service for lazy people

29 Aug

Many of our hours were spent lying around in the room – on the bed watching dvds, outside on the day bed, out on the deck chairs, lounging on the hammock. Perfect, idyllic bliss :) So much so that we couldn’t be bothered leaving to get something to eat… and so….. room service it was! I’m usually not a big fan of room service.. tends to be overpriced and mediocre quality. But the Shangri-La converted me with their fantastic room service, with dishes brought in thick stoneware to keep them warm, and set it all up beautifully in our room.

Their food is excellent too. Best of all, their pizza! Large portions totally laden with lots of soft cheese……. mmm. And we ADORED their fries. I think we ate fries every single day. Sometimes twice a day. Plain fries. Fries dunked in mayonnaise. Fries dunked in tomato sauce. Fries dunked in the ocean. Okay, I may be kidding on that last one..

Great, comfort food for lazy people ;) It’s fantastic to just lounge about on the bed, watching movies, and having some great food. It’s totally changed my impression of room service now.

Lounging out on the day bed

Salami felino, caramelised onions, chilli and buffalo mozzarella

Vegetables cooked with curry spices, in filo pastry and served with natural yoghurt and mint dip
Pasta tossed with baby shrimps, asparagus, capers, parsley and olive oil

Green mango salad with peanuts, chilli, basil and shaved red onions

Smoked gazpacho with gruyere and basil toast

Lunch on the day bed, followed by a quick dip in the ocean

Enjoying newlywed bliss :)

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