04 Aug

We’re in Singapore!! With FOUR DAYS left to the wedding!!

*runs around in frantic circles*

I don’t feel like talking wedding-related talk because as it is, my head is gonna implode… so I’ll talk about someone else’s wedding instead :P My cousin Sidney had his wedding/family dinner exactly ONE WEEK before ours.. on 1 August. He’d actually gotten married earlier in the yeah, but him and his new wife moved from Japan to India, so hadn’t had a chance to have a dinner in Singapore yet. So they threw a small private dinner for family only Lei Garden in Chijmes.

I’d never been there before, but heard really good things about the restaurant. They have top-notch service for sure! Incredibly attentive and really sweet. Lei Garden is famous for their excellent Chinese food, and they didn’t disappoint. It was a mega banquet of 11 courses (!) and they were all delicious. My favourite was the Crispy Skin Chicken, which I liked so much I forgot to take a photo of it ;) The meat was soft and tender, and the skin so thin and crisp with the perfect amount of saltiness. YUM!

Dya know what’s cool? I’m wearing Mum’s dress, the dress she wore for HER own wedding, during the tea ceremony! It’s been sitting in her closet for the past 35 years.. and I didn’t have anything to wear to the dinner and saw it hanging in there, so I pulled it on and it fit perfectly :)

The only problem with attending a wedding dinner just one week before our own Big Day? All the FOOD…! Irresistible food! My diet is going…. dismally. I wanted to be a 45kg bride, which is actually heavier than what I used to weigh pre-Shanghai. But I’m 1-stupid-kg off, and I can’t get rid of it because it requires dieting and lots of exercise :( I would just diet madly in next 4 days until the wedding, but I get very very very grumpy when I’m hungry! So, oh well… :P

Walking in and being pose-y

Our family! I’m wearing Mum’s dress – which she wore to her own
wedding’s tea ceremony….. 35 years ago. It hasn’t been altered since!

Our dining room

The 11-course menu

Deepfried shredded yam with malt – man these were addictive

Sweet pic of Mum and Dad!

Double-boiled sharks fin soup…

…with sea whelk, chicken, and cocoon cordyceps

Baked live lobster with superior stock

Sauteed scallops with garden green in chilli sauce

Braised grouper belly with roasted pork, bamboo shoots and mushrooms

Braised cabbage with garden green topped with conpoy

Fried rice with duck in lotus leaf

Braised e-fu noodles with shrimp taste

Double boiled Hawaiian papaya with rock sugar

Chinese cake

Our table

Chris and I, exactly ONE WEEK before our own wedding :)

A cool taj mahal carved in rock, that the wedding couple gave us

Outside at Chijmes



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