30 Jul

Our pre-wedding shoot album is ready! We picked it up the other day and were blown away with a gorgeous champagne cover and great pics inside. They did a really good job and it not only serves as an album for people to flick through during our reception, but also as a coffee table book for us later as a reminder of our time in Shanghai. Next time we’re in Australia we’re going to do an album like this too (should have done it last year before we left, but oh well).. and when we move to Singapore or anywhere else in the world we’ll also make an album each time. How nice for our kids in future to be able to have a stack of photo albums signifying where their parents and them have lived over the years :)

Encased in a lovely leather pocket

Champagne gold, to match our wedding colours

The inside cover. I love this one!!

My fave pic of the whole lot is on the right. It’s so bright and awesome in real life!

A very special page in the album :)

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