24 Jul

So the total solar eclipse took place on July 22, 2 days ago. The last time a solar eclipse took place over Shanghai was during the Ming Dynasty on May 10, 1575. The next time we’ll see a total eclipse will not be until June 13, 2132. It basically means it’s unlikely I’ll ever see a solar eclipse again in my life time.

I’ve never seen a total solar eclipse before, so was pretty excited, especially since the news really hyped it up with constant information playing about it on TV. For a brief moment, I did expect something earth-shattering, like the meaning of life would be made clear to me, or that God would descend unto earth, or something. Sadly, none of that happened :P It was actually pretty uneventful.

It was morning and after getting into work, the sky got progressively darker and darker. At first, it was just as if the thunderclouds were coming – that sort of grey gloom. Then again, it was also partly due to the fact that the weather was bad – full of clouds which completely blocked out the sun. Sadly, the crap weather persisted through the whole eclipse, which made it totally boring.

It was pretty much as if it was 7pm at night and the sky was getting darker. Then at 9:30-ish, it got darker really quickly before plunging the whole city into midnight black sky. Now THAT was pretty cool. It was just like it was night time, yet it was still early morning. A pretty surreal experience.

It was over really quickly, and like nothing had ever happened. I saw photos in other areas of China and they’re really gorgeous, but unfortunately us in Shanghai city didn’t get much of show. D’oh! Still, very nice to be able to say I experienced a total solar eclipse first-hand.. :)

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