19 Jul

Chris organised our whole honeymoon, but it wasn’t a surprise for me because I don’t like surprises :P At first, we were THISCLOSE to going to Seychelles, until he tried to book flights. Turns out, it takes 1 day to get there, and 1 whole day back (thanks to non-direct flights), despite it only being about 5hrs from Singapore. That really threw a spanner in the works, because I was so keen on Seychelles.

So back to the old drawing board.. Chris asked about the Maldives. My first reaction was UMMM NO WAY!! So many people I know have already been to the Maldives, it was kind of like the common playground now, and that’s not much fun for a honeymoon, right? So Chris set about finding the nicest, NEW hotel there.. and yep, he convinced me in an instant when I saw the photos ;)

So we’ll be at The Shangri-La @ The Maldives…. for 8 whole blissful days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And since it’s a honeymoon, he decided to get the nicest room, the “Water Villa” room.. right on the ocean :) I like the Shangri-La because I know they’re fantastic all round the world, and they only open THIS month, so they’re new! And thus would not have been done by half the world before! Hurray!! It’s actually Chris’ parents (my new in-laws, though it’s still quite a weird thought to have in-laws!) that will be giving his the honeymooon as their wedding present to us. I think it’s the BEST wedding present they could’ve gotten us, and we’re totally over the moon about it.

It’s actually 100% perfect, I can’t even imagine or suggest what could possibly be better.. and I’m so impressed that Chris managed to do it all. It’s going to be an amazing honeymoon.. it already is, in my head, hehe!! I can’t wait. Thank you honey :)

Our “Water Villa” on the ocean

The bedroom. See the desk on the right? That’s where I’ll be blogging from when we’re there :P

Booked ourselves in for our massages already :P

And a dinner in the jungle..

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