15 Jul

Wedding cake = DONE!

It was basically all thought of, researched, sampled, decided on and purchased by Mum and Dad. Making it very easy for Chris and I because we didn’t have to do anything for it, hee. Thanks Mum and Dad for making wedding preparations so easy! Parents might drive you insane sometimes, but man, you do appreciate it when you realise all the effort and headaches they go through to help make your wedding perfect..

The cake will be covered in fresh cream, because I can’t stand those hard marzipan wedding cakes – way too old fashioned and not even nice to eat :P It’s going to be a 3-tier cake:

Top layer – Lychee Martini Cake
Middle layer – Orange Zest Chocolate Cake
Bottom layer – Bailey’s Chocolate Crunch Cake

Aiiiiieeeeee!!!!!! If you’re not practically SQUEALING at those flavours, then boo to you :P ‘Cos I certainly did. They sound SO COOL and UNIQUE and YUMMY! I’m convinced that no one has had a wedding cake like ours ever.. (ok maybe they have but lemme live in my happy delusion!) Mum and Dad said all 3 flavours are amazing.. so I can’t wait for our wedding day. I AM GONNA PIG OUT ON WEDDING CAKE!!!

Somewhat like this, but with an emerald green ribbon around each tier,
and with cream flowers and vines draped all over it…

Something like what our Tea Reception (ie. after church ceremony) will be like.
It’s a looong menu but too lazy to post it here :P

My engagement ring got cleaned. Sparkly again!

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