14 Jul

I went for my first facial spa in Shanghai, at Peony. Shanghai’s the best place to indulge in massages and facials, since it’s cheaper than in Australia. Plus, you get so much more! Loads more attention and lots of care – love it. The girls are always so feminine and gentle and nice.. sometimes in Australia you get grumpy women even though you’ve paid top dollar, which annoys me to no end.

Peony’s right outside my place, so I decided to check them out. Their most expensive service, the Biodroga facial was 40% off from US$85 (for 90mins). It’s still not cheap comparatively, but the high price is thanks to them using the entire Biodroga skincare range.

Currently sold in high end spas all around the world, Biodroga originates in Germany is a completely all-natural line of skincare products designed to target different issues with skincare, ranging from moisturization to reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It was surprising to see it in Shanghai, but I guess the ritziness of it justifies their pricey rates. D’oh!! I was still interested though, so booked myself in.

The line is lusssscccioouuusss! So hydrating and made my skin feel amazing, not to mention it had the most gorgeous scent. It was an amazing 90 mins and I ended up purchasing the Active Moist moisturizer afterwards. The little bottle cost me a whopping US$112, which I later found out retails in the USA for half the price. Dammit! It’s always like this in China.. anything Western is automatically incredibly pricey :( Anyway, I’m still happy with it because this little gem is perfect for my skin.

It’s a light gel moisturizer that is wonderful on my combination skin and in the heat and humidity of summer. It mattifies my skin but still makes it feel hydrated. I use it every morning and it beats all my other morning moisturizers hands down. Plus, I love the luxe-spa scent :) It’s keeping my skin really smooth and soft, which I’m loving because no breakouts right now and perfectly clear skin…. just need it to last another 3 weeks until the wedding (eek)… keep your fingers crossed for me! :P

Biodroga’s “Active Moist”

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