02 Jul

Patisserie Glace
34 Craig Rd

RATING: *****

“There’s this great cake shop opposite us”, a colleague casually mentioned whilst I was in the Singapore office.

“REALLY??? WHERE?!??!?!”, I excitedly demanded.

I never say no to delish desserts, so a trip there was in order. Located in a botchy half-run-down building, Patisserie Glace is a little gem of a cake shop, offering up treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Baked by a Japanese lady chef, the delectable desserts are a mix between Japanese and French cakes and pastries.

Everything looks fabulous in the glass window, which makes it hard to decide what to get. After ummming and ahhhhing for ages, I finally select my 3 cakes. My colleagues are the real addicts though, with Glace boxes stacked on top of each other until they reach the office ceiling – crazy but true! At the start, a few of them visited the shop daily, afraid that it would go out of business since it was in such a tucked away location. Seems that great news travels fast however, because not long afterwards they said there was always a queue, and they’d sell out of the cakes by 2pm!

It’s especially welcome by Singaporeans because it’s not common to find cakes like this in the country – all light and fluffy and moist. It’s not as novel to me since we do have similiar desserts in Australia, but I still welcomed it since I definitely have not tasted anything similar in Shanghai.

The Fromage Syun is described as “Delicious low-fat cheese on a fragrant tart base. “ A healthy dessert? Be still, my heart! It’s a light blend of cream cheese, light in flavour, typical of Japanese cheesecakes (which are way lighter than USA cheesecakes) on a soft biscuit base. Creamy and smooth, it’s best enjoyed chilled. My only comment to improve would be to have a thicker base – I love my cheesecake bases!

Since I can’t resist banana and chocolate, Banaan Chocolat was totally calling my name. It’s described as “a sponge cake that is laid out line by line and finally rolled to enclose a sweet banana in a layer of fresh cream.” Are you salivating yet? :P It was slightly crispy on the outermost layer, with a soft sponge cake interior and a slice of banana right in the middle. I would have prefered more banana chunks since the flavour blended so beautifully with the chocolate sponge. I also adore their fresh cream – it’s the real deal, so sick of the fake ‘cream’ most other patisseries use.

I left the best for the last, the famous Strawberry Soufflé – which my colleagues declared was their best cake. I’m absolutely impressed with the large, red, plump strawberries on the top of the cake as well as sliced inside. They’re firm and juicy, not mushy and watery like most strawberries are in cakes. They could be sweeter, but I enjoyed them with the light and fluffy cheesecake – so light all you get is a hint of cheese flavour. It almost feels healthy :P In fact, I liked this so much I went back the next afternoon with another colleague to have another slice to share ;)

Patisserie Glace

Treats in a box

Fromage Syun

Banaan Chocolat

Strawberry Soufflé



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