24 Jun

Didn’t really get to do much shopping in Hong Kong. Actually, pretty much didn’t get to see the inside of shops at all! Only managed to do a mini stint at Clarks shoes and go this awesome pair of black leather heels. I’d always thought Clarks did super comfortable, but daggy shoes, so pretty cool they’ve done sexy looking heels now! They are TRES comfy – I’m bad with heels.. I either walk funny or they just hurt like hell, or both. But these are super soft, no biting, and no soreness at all after walking around in them. I’m regretting not buying ’em in another colour!

Clarks heels

And at Hong Kong airport, I had to make the (very difficult) decision of 1) relax in Business Class lounge and stuff my face with their great food or 2) go shopping in the airport. Hong Kong airport has fabulous shops, so that won over ;) Did a mega quick blitz around and picked up some Christian Dior sunglasses.

I absolutely LOVE ’em because I have such issues finding sunnies. I have an oddly shaped head or something. Sunnies either don’t fit, or they don’t sit on top of my head properly. It’s so so so hard, and I literally try hundreds of ’em! These Dior ones are, by far, the best I’ve ever owned. They sit nicely on my face, don’t rest on my cheeks, and prop up nicely on top of my head without falling. Plus, they have sparkles on the side, which just said “BUY ME!!!” ;)

And then it was onto a plane to…… Singapore, here I come!!!

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