23 Jun

28th floor, 1 Peking Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

PRICE: 元元元元元
RATING: ****

Boasting ornate carved wood screens, finely carved wood chairs and impeccably decorated with bamboo bird cages galore, Hutong is Northern Chinese charm at its best. Quite obviously targeted towards the wealthy locals and expat crowd, it’s ridiculously overpriced but is a total delight on the senses. It’s “next door to Cartier”, I was told, which pretty much summed up the atmosphere of the place ;)

It was this restaurant that and I chose to meet up for dinner and drinks, squeezed in during my brief blink-and-you-miss-it stint in Hong Kong. It was a spectacular choice on her part, because it was an unusual and gorgeous place to dine – overlooking Hong Kong’s city and harbour high up on the 28th floor. It actually makes a great date place ;)

The food was pretty spectacular. Then again, you’d expect it at around US$130pp. I know it’s technically not that much, especially for this sort of dining, but I’m spoiled by Shanghai’s awesome $1 meals so to me, it’s pricey ;) At least it’s worth it – you won’t eat similiar food anywhere else.

I eagerly asked to order almost every dish that looked good in the menu, not realising that we were 2 people and could only eat so much. So we ended up with 5 dishes and didn’t finish it all. Arghhhh I hate not finishing my meal, but we were just SO full we couldn’t stuff in any more!

A memorable experience. I really want to bring Chris there next time we’re in Hong Kong together, he’ll love it!


The beautiful interior

Overlooking Hong Kong’s glittering harbour

Delish edamame with pickled veg, and this bizzarely thick spoon

Half crispy roasted pigeon, half Chinese wine poached pigeon
I loved the roasted one, it was like tender chicken!

Crispy de-boned lamb ribs – Hutong’s signature dish
It had some chewy bits, but was overally delish, esp the crispy skin!

Egg fried rice. Awesome comfort food

Garlic veggies, our attempt at being healthy

Whole fish with some sauce that I forgot. Delicious, smooth
fillets. Pity we were so so so full by then!

Apple spring rolls dessert. So utterly amazing,
but needed some vanilla ice cream served with it!

Homemade coconut ice cream (yum) with raisins (ok) and
unidentified chewy bits (tasted/smelled like smelly damp feet)

Our girly date!

The gorgeous bathroom sink. You pull the lever and
water comes out of the barrel on the right!

Watching the light show over Hong Kong harbour

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