09 Jun

We headed off to Bulldog for some dinner and drinks. Someone had managed to convince ’em to give us 1-for-1 hotdogs which I was pretty excited about. Sadly, the hotdogs left…. much to be desired. They actually came out looking fantastic – a big hot dog bun with a crisscross of tomato sauce and mayo on it, and a tumble of chunky fries.

Unfortunately, the bun was stale and the sausage itself was one of those so-insanely-cheap-Chinese-made-sausages that they tasted like nothing in this world. They were also so teeny tiny that all i got was a mega mouthful of (stale) bun and a teeny bit of odd-tasting sausage. Eh. Still, I was hungry, so wolfed it all down. Fortunately the fries were incredible. So strange, considering how bad the hot dog was. The fries were super fresh and hot on the outside but soft and potatoe-y on the inside. It was divine!!

Chris and I looking ultra fascinated :P


With our expensive popcorn, which some idiot drunk dude later threw ALL OVER US!

And this is what I thought of idiot popcorn-chucking dude

Vodka – the drink of choice for the night

Me looking…. vacant

Chris chatting with his new quasi-Aussie friend

Me and my Aussie gf!

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