30 May

Drinks at Bistro Latitude on Friday night! It’s a trendy bar that’s allllmost a club, apart from the fact that there’s no dancefloor. Instead, there’s a guy playing a saxophone with a DJ in the background. Pretty cool, except they turn up the speakers WAY TOO LOUD, I assume so the people out on the balcony can here the music. Unfortunately for the people inside (like us), it’s deafening and you literally can’t hear what people are saying. Plus it gave me a headache (yes, I know I sound like a cranky old lady, but it’s true!).

Latitude has a great, chill vibe, and is expat central – I don’t recall seeing any locals there. Their famous drink is, apparently, the Lychee Martini. However, quite frankly, it was pretty terrible. We ordered 6-7 of these for our first round of drinks, and every single person wrinkled their nose upon first sip – they were spiked with a LOT of lemon juice, so they were sour and not lychee-like at all. Plus, they didn’t even come with a lychee-on-a-stick!!!! EVERY SINGLE Lychee Martini I’ve had in my life does, I’m not sure why they needed to save costs so badly they couldn’t afford a lychee, considering the drinks aren’t cheap? Fortunately, they were saved by their Kiwi Martinis, which were flat-out awesome. Yum.

Chris ordered a round of 14 Vodka shots for the table, and when the bill came to him, it was for 160元. Impossibly low, and he felt like being honest and pointed it out to the bar manager, who thanked him and corrected it. He then proceed to give us an extra free shot – hurray! Upon downing them, he came back round with a bottle of vodka and poured out 15 more shots – all complimentary. How lovely is that?!?! It really impressed everyone and made our night :) So there’s a moral right there for you – be honest and you’ll get good karma in return :)

Saxophone guy at Bistro Latitude

Waiting for our first round of drinks

I look like crap, but Chris looks so good here!

The tres bizzaro Lychee Martinis

Hurray for VODKA SHOTS!


2nd round of free shots :)


Bongo dudes, who were promoting… something?

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