28 May

Bulldog Shanghai
1 Wulumuqi Nan Lu
French Concession
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元
RATING: *****

If there’s one thing I can’t say “no” to, it’s tacos. We used to make ’em at home all the time in Australia, but haven’t since coming to Shanghai. Which meant we’d gone FOUR long months (oh noes!) with no tacos. Which also meant that when I saw this graphic, I spontaneously salivated:

Now who can resist all-you-can-eat tacos, huh? HUH!??!?!?!? Nobody, that’s what! At least not Chris and I – we were basically gagging for it and promptly headed to Bulldog Shanghai the very first Wednesday ;) We rocked up at 6:30pm, which meant we had the entire 3rd floor (where the taco-eating was) to ourselves. It also meant that the taco table was freshly laid out and completely virginal and untouched – awesome! I’d hate to think of how messy it would all get by 9pm…

Bulldog also boasts one-for-one drinks, so we happy ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and Frozen Pina Colada. When they arrived, we were surprised to be given a ‘ticket’ for another identical drink each. “No no, we just want the one-for-one, so just these 2 drinks”, we said. After some discussion and the lady running down to check, they allowed us to just get those 2 drinks, instead of insisting we have 4. I was impressed that they accomodated us, but they definitely should warn their customers when they order that “one for one” means you MUST get an identical drink.

Minor disaster successfully averted, we ploughed into the tacos. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how absolutely fresh, crisp and delicious ALL the ingredients were. And hoo boy, they do have an impressive array. More ingredients than we have back in Australia and certainly more than what I serve up at home when we make our own tacos. The lettuce was green and fresh and crisp, the salsa was so tasty, and I loved the slices of capsicum and onion as well. Only thing missing was guacamole, a key ingredient in tacos IMHO :(

The meat though, was just superb. I’d expected subpar beef mince, but it was actually shredded chunks of beef – incredibly moist and soft and so tasty. They also had chicken chunks, which were really tender but just not as tasty as the beef, so we stuck with the beef. I appreciated the selection of crisp taco shells and soft tortilla wraps.

Quite frankly, it was outstanding.

Absolutely no complaints with the food, or the volume. It was 50元 (US$7) per person, which was reasonable. LOVED how there was no one else there when we were eating (though a crowd of people came later), so everything was perfectly clean and untouched. We left thoroughly satisfied, with silly blissful grins on our faces. This place gets a full ***** stars, hands down!

Bulldog Shanghai

In a totally brilliant mood, ready for my ALL YOU CAN EAT TACOS!!!!

Kickin’ it off with a Long Island Ice Tea, and Frozen Pina Colada

The taco table

Hard taco

Soft taco

Pretty chandelier

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