02 May

Tsui Wah
291 Fumin Road
French Concession
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元
RATING: ****

Remember when I went to Tsui Wah in Hong Kong last month? I raved over the food and wished it was in Shanghai. Well, Tsui Wah’s in Shanghai too!! I just never knew until a few people pointed it out to me ;) It’s only a few minutes drive from our place, which is great, though i wish it was right next door so we could go all the time. We went there for a very very very late dinner, and I do NOT fair well with lack of food, so was just about to eat the table whilst waiting for it to arrive. They do cook pretty quickly though, which is impressive. Service was polite but rather hard to flag down, since we were cornered in the private room and only had a little button buzzer to attract their attention.

They have a MASSIVE menu, and actually quite different to the Hong Kong branch. Perhaps it’s cos I was there for breakfast, and at the Shanghai one for dinner, but the menu was way more extensive in Shanghai, and also more expensive since it’s a huge restaurant. The menu boasts a huge array of dishes- from Hong Kong snacks, to Singaporean food, to Western steak dishes. I guess it’s something for everyone ;) Despite the randomness, they do manage to do a pretty good job on them, we enjoyed the food. I especially loved the Condensed milk and butter bun which was slightly different to the HK version (the bread here was not as light and warm) but still very very good.

I also adored the Turnip in curry sauce which sounds strange but was absolutely delicious – creamy soft turnip (it’s like a soft rice cake in texture and slightly sweet in taste) and the curry was rich and tasty. Awesome!! Anyway, will let the photos speak for themselves..

Our private banquet room

The little buttons for you to call for a menu, or to order, or to get the bill
They only responded sometimes ;)

Condensed milk and butter bun – AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deep fried wontons with sweet chilli – pretty
good, the oil they used was nice and fresh

Buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce –
very nice, the wings were plump and juicy

Bolo bun – not great, i found it a bit dry and tasteless

Pork chop burger – pretty good! tasty and unique

Spam and egg sandwich – great concept but the spam didn’t have a strong taste

Fishball noodle soup – a bit bland but healthy. Loved the fishballs

Turnip with curry – my favourite, it was outstanding

Corn beef and egg sub – too much egg, too little corn beef. Otherwise it’d be brilliant!

Hong Kong style sweet milk tea – one of my fave drinks

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