15 Apr

Pho Sizzling
opposite Jing’an train station
Shanghai, China

There’s a bunch of outdoor stalls and restaurants, as well as shopping centres, just about a 10min walk from where we live – right at the Jing’an train station. We’ve been so busy that we haven’t had a chance to go check it out.. so since it was brilliantly sunny over the weekend, we decided to have a wander and check it out.

It doesn’t feel like Shanghai there. It feels just like Chatswood, one of our favourite haunts back in Australia. Part indoors, part outdoors.. and with a myriad of great eateries and shops. It was here that we had THE BEST banana & chocolate smoothie, blended with vanilla ice cream, from a French patisserie. Man it was gooooooood.

But I digress.

We spotted Pho Sizzling, and immediately decided to have lunch there since we haven’t had Vietnamese food in Shanghai yet. Located on an el fresco 2nd floor, it takes a bit of poking around to find the staircase leading up there ;) We did manage to score the awesome corner table at the balcony – even better because there was an Egyptian Festival(!!) on and we could look down on the concert stage.

The food was somewhat Vietnamese, but not entirely authentic. It was still really good food though, and we especially liked the Raw beef pho which had slices of raw beef that you stir into the broth to cook. It was incredibly tender and I LOVE those thin white rice noodles in the tasty broth!

The Chicken and fried rolls rice was not bad too, tasty and I liked the large and generous slices of tomato and cucumber – refreshing! I would have preferred it with fried rice though, and a bowl of soup on the side so the dish doesn’t get too dry since it doesn’t have gravy.

It was brilliant to just chill out in the hot sun, overlooking everything and having a chat. A perfect lunchtime date :)

Pho Sizzling!

A build-your-own type menu

Having prawn crackers at our awesome corner balcony table

An icy cold lime coke, perfect in the heat

Raw beef pho

Chicken and fried rolls rice

Soaking up the sun

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