14 Apr

Spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon having our 1st BBQ in Shanghai! We were blessed with bright blue skies and sunny weather.. a beautiful Spring day and perfect weather for a BBQ. There were around 20-30 of us and I realised that “BBQ” in Shanghai is totally different to a BBQ in Australia. An Aussie BBQ consists of a few sausages thrown on the BBQ, then wrapped up in plain white bread with a tumble of cooked onions and tomato sauce. Here in Shanghai, there was none of that. It was all gourmet-ish food – massive massive prawns, salmon kebabs, steaks, chicken wings, pork ribs, etc etc. There was SO MUCH food that all of us only managed to eat half!

And, of course, in Shanghai, no one ever does anything themselves ;) So a typical BBQ meant having 2 chefs come over and cook us the food whilst we relaxed out on the balcony and nibbled on snacks indoors. And when we’re done? An “ayi” (aka. maid) cleans everything up. Brilliant!! This is why Shanghai is awesome – perfect for lazy ass people ;)

Chefs that come over and cook you gourmet BBQ food… Only in Shanghai!!

The girls!

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