12 Apr

I am completely in awe and lust with the Proenza Schouler PS1 medium satchel bag. Released a few months ago, it was simply (strategically) given to a few celebrities/fashion icons and not much fanfare over marketing. But it caught my eye because of how gorgeous, yet practical, it is.

It’s quite androgynous – plain soft leather without any big blaring logos on the bag. I’m in love with how it can be hand-held, carried on the shoulder, or across the body. Practical! Plus, it has tons of compartments inside and is quite the workhorse. I’ve heard the leather smell is just intoxicating too, not to mention the leather is really thick and supple.

I SPECIFICALLY want the medium size, in Midnight Blue. But I’ve called every store that stocks these in the USA… and they’re completely sold out!! Argh!! And none are selling on eBay either, probably because they’re so good no one wants to give theirs up. I really really really want one for work – it’s chic without being overtly HELLO-BRANDNAME!, and it’ll be great carried as a briefcase to/from the office.


Proenza Schouler PS1 medium satchel bag

Awesome, compartment-filled interior

Great size and shape for work

On Leighton Meester of “Gossip Girl”

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