11 Apr

Baby Doll
2nd Floor, 158 Huai Hai Road
Shanghai, China

Baby Doll is just about the epitome of kitsch. Bright colourful lights, big red sofas, and random sparkling things dangling everywhere. It’s like a Shanghai princess’s dream ;) It’s also neat and clean inside, with friendly helpful staff. But you pay for all that, because the prices are set pretty high – not to mention rather random. For example, our Iced Kumquat Tea Juice, albeit an awesome 550ml portion, was as expensive as a meat dish! But we stopped our bitchin’ and ordered it anyway because it seemed that every table had a glass on their table. I’m glad we did. It came out in an impressive tall vase-glass, filled with the light green liquid and limes floating about inside. It was delicious and would be fantastic on a hot summer’s afternoon – all icy cold and sweet and zesty. I hate the price, but I can see why everyone orders that drink.

The Shrimp, Fruit and Crab Roe Sushi, along with their other sushi dishes, were impossible not to order. For some reason, almost every one of their sushi dishes includes assorted fruit. FRUIT?! You wouldn’t really associate that with sushi. Curiosity piqued, we asked her to help us choose the “most popular” one. It was HUGE. A massive roll encasing crab roll, prawns, avocado, honeydew, and other fruits. And the clincher? This creamy, cheesy… thing.. that completely engulfed and dripped down the roll. Oooooh! It was lipsmackingly delicious. That is, until Chris decided to be clever and point out “I think the sauce is just pure Kewpie japanese mayonnaise”. Urk. YES HE WAS RIGHT! It was about half a jar’s worth of mayo stirred in with some cheese and smothered all over the top. After he spouted that little gem, the delight of eating it kinda subsided cos I realised how bad it was. Didn’t stop us from polishing it all off though ;)

The Fish with Lemon Sauce was my favourite. Smooth, tender fish fillets lightly deep fried in an airy, crispy batter. THIS is what fish & chips should be like! I would have preferred it with a nice sweet & sour sauce though, as I’m not a huge fan of lemon sauce. The fish was absolutely amazing and cooked to perfection. Will most definitely order it again.

We also got the Asparagus and assorted veg, as a (small) nod to healthiness. It was lovely – crisp fresh veggies lightly stirfried in a subtle garlic sauce.

We randomly decided on a dessert of Cheese pudding with strawberries, simply because it sounded interesting. It was an INCREDIBLE dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pudding actually was more like a light milky pannacotta than “cheese”, or at least I couldn’t really detect anything cheesy about it. It was paired perfectly with the sweet strawberries and sauce – an awesome dessert that was light on the palette but gave enough sweetness to satisfy. Will definitely get this one again too!

Baby Doll

Random bright colours inside

Iced Kumquat Tea Juice

Shrimp, Fruit and Crab Roe Sushi

Fish with Lemon Sauce

Asparagus and veg

Cheese pudding with strawerries

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