09 Apr

At the ICS TV recording studio

I was invited to appear on a Talkshow called “Culture Matters” on ICS TV.

The brief was that I’ll be appearing alongside another interviewee, and we’d talk with the host about work culture, work/life balance, etc. Seemed fairly straight-forward and interesting, so I agreed.. especially since it was ultra convenient for me as the TV studio is right across where we live ;)

Rocked up and after waiting around for a bit, stepped into the shooting studio and we got comfy in the chairs. Turned out my co-interviewee was Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine, the fashion bible!! She was very chatty, bright, and a pleasure to talk to. What a dream career.. much kudos to her.

It was only when the cameras started rolling that I realised the Topic of the Day was: Career Superwomen. There’s a special Chinese phrase/word for that, but I didn’t quite catch it. Was pretty alarmed when the host introduced us as shining examples of a “superwoman” – successfully juggling work and life.

I am??

What an odd thing to think of yourself! I’ve always thought myself as a “career woman”, but don’t know if there’s anything particular “super” about that… I just go through life the same as any other hard-working, striving young woman, to be honest. However, as I said on the program, I’m VERY happy that there is such a term that exists – better that, than “career superman”, right? (no offence, boys!). Heh heh.

It’s nice to see women going places in the workforce. I have a few female rolemodels in the workplace, that are true shining examples of highly motivated and extremely successful women – and I really look up to them. I don’t particularly single them out though – eBay is fantastic in the sense that there is no gender or culture bias, everyone is encouraged and supported the same.

The show will air in a few weeks.. I think I get a copy of it, but it’s probably too big to put online. Maybe I can upload snippets of it to YouTube.. Not sure yet. Have a feeling I look quite ridiculous and also said some weird things, plus I think I was rather dull on the show ;) In a few days, the TV crew are coming round to my apartment for a “A Day In The Life Of Beverly” sort of thing, showing me cooking and such. I think that will be quite fun :) Or at least less daunting than talking about your career and being viewed as someone with something worthwhile to say!

At the end of the day, the only thing that I feel is a bit different about me is that I really and truly LOVE MY JOB. And my company. I absolutely believe you are only as good as your work environment and the support you receive at work, and I count my blessings that I’m fortunate enough to have great colleagues and a fantastic boss. No matter how stressed and flat-out I feel at work, I still find it rewarding and I just love the whatever challenges come along.

After all, success is not about what you achieve. It’s about what you overcome and learn in the process. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing because you truly believe in it, you’ll go far.

Passion. Maybe that’s what the “super” part really means..

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