07 Apr

Was in Singapore for a blink of an eye. My key learning is that in future, I won’t try and condense business trips across countries into 3.5 business days.. because I found out first-hand it’s enough to give one a brain aneurysm. At least it was a productive, albeit short, trip! Tried to squish as much food-eating as possible into the pitiful amount of time I was in the country.. but didn’t manage to accomplish what I wanted to do (or rather, eat) because my list was just tooooo long! Sadness.

It’s nice being in Singapore. It’s a big difference to Sydney, and again a big difference to Shanghai. Unfortunately, didn’t really get out much, sad to say! I got to see the inside of office walls 90% of the time ;) But that was the purpose of the trip anyway, so at least it everything went as planned. It’s been a whirlwind, glad that everything is sorted out now and the pieces are falling into place.

Just a few little random photos during my time there. Didn’t whip out my camera much, because wasn’t that inspired since I didn’t have much internet access (too busy), and lost my will to take photos to food-blog ;)

Swissôtel The Stamford (the tall one)

The room. It was nice :)

Breakfast room

Singapore hawker centers – the food of kings.

Chicken Rice. Yayyyyyyy!!!!!

At TCC at Singapore’s International Airport. A sort of panini pizza with
turkey, assorted veg and loads of cheese!

Mmm… cheesy goodness

English muffins – one sweet cranberry based one, one savory one

The savory one was INCREDIBLE, I’ll get it again any day!

Oreo frappe. Probably worth 251312523 calories, but well worth it.



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