06 Apr

Tsui Wah Restaurant
15-19 Wellington St
Hong Kong

It don’t get much more Hong Kong-style than Tsui Wah Restaurant. I don’t know what the name means, but I figure it’s something auspicious since they have multiple chains and the one I went to was absolutely massive and constantly crowded. They’re open 24/7 and it seems they are always fully packed out. Glaringly lit, the large restaurant is more like a cafe, and is packed in with glass-topped tables featuring the menu under the sheet of glass. Very practical ;)

It was here that I decided to have my breakfast, as I was after some traditional fare to pad my belly for the busy day ahead. Was very pleased with my selections,because all turned out perfectly and was a fantastic way to start the day.

The Abalone, ham with macaroni in soup looked totally uneventful when served, but tasted oh-so-good. A clear and tasty broth that wasn’t too salty, lovely el dente macaroni, and slivers of abalone and ham to give a bit of taste. Awesome, healthy(ish?) comfort food. Had it with 2 lightly fried eggs which were just cooked so the yolks were all runny. Awesome cut up and eaten with the macaroni. Who doesn’t love runny eggs with everything? ;)

And, of course, the Condensed milk butter bun. No trip to Hong Kong is complete without one (or ten) of these babies. A toasted milk bun, sliced in 2…. and slathered with some butter so it melts in….. then drizzled with a generous helping of sweet condensed milk. OH HEAVEN!!!!!! It’s luscious – sweet and salty all rolled into one. I wish we could get it in Shanghai – or if it does exist, I haven’t found it yet. Man it’s good.. just looking at the photo makes me want to eat it again ;)

Also loved their Cold milk tea, which is really popular with the locals. Very sweet, creamy tea (I think they use condensed milk?) makes an awesome pick-me-up in the morning ;) An awesome place that’s minutes from the hotel and the office.. so will definitely be going back ;)

Tsui Wah Restaurant

Menu slid under the glass-top tables. Nifty!

Abalone, ham with macaroni in soup

2 eggs. Why did I take a photo of this? I don’t know either! Hah

Cold milk tea, and Condensed milk butter bun



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