11 Feb

Had our relocation agent take us out on Saturday for a city tour/sightsee. Specifically, we wanted to see where we could buy groceries (both local and Western), electronics, get clothes tailored, go to an (English-speaking) doctor, etc.. Basically all the neat ‘lil things that will make life smoother and easier in Shanghai. It’s overwhelming but SO MUCH FUN to discover an entirely new city.. it’s brilliant! I’m looking forward to settling into the rythmn of things and making Shanghai my home.

There is massive, massive temptation here to just squirrel yourself away and stick to all the Western areas, activities, etc…. simply because it’s just easier. I can’t even describe how tough it is simply to have a conversation with a random local. My head hurts at the end of each day from the sheer amount of concentration and effort needed – for something as simple as just having a conversation with someone.

My resolution though is that by the end of this year, I’ll be ‘just like a local’ – to be fully accustomed (ie. don’t swear like crazy and hate ’em) to the local customs and shoving, to be well-acquainted with my surroundings and now where all the “Best (whatever)” are, and most of all, to be fluent in Chinese. I may very well just fall flat on my face and have a breakdown and insist we pack our bags and leave, but at least I’d have tried ;)

Wish me luck!

The amazing City Shop, the expat-friendly supermarket

They even have POP TARTS!!!!!!! *squee*

Huge Japanese supermarket

Going past Jingan Temple

A whole street selling antiques and nick nacks

A live (!) cricket for sale at the Pet Market

A pot of lovely chrysanthemum tea

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