25 Jan

NYC Deli
103 Fu Jian Road
Shanghai, China

Let me just say straight out – I found THE BEST PHILLY CHEESE STEAK SANDWICH IN THE WORLD. I don’t often eat it, because it’s so often done a bit wrong – the steak’s often a bit stringy or you take a bite and a whole bunch of beef comes out with your mouthful ‘cos it’s too tough or strung together. Yuck! I’d heard good things about NYC Deli, and realised it was just round the corner from where I’m at, so headed down there to check it out.

I nearly walked straight past the little cafe. It’s TINY. Basically only enough space to step inside to make your order. There’s a tiny counter space for 2-3 people to sit at, so it’s obvious that this is a take-away or delivery joint only. The Philly cheese steak sandwich sounded too good to miss, and I was right – it came on a deliciously crisp yet soft and fresh French baguette, and a very generous portion of beef. A tumble of soft onions were mixed in and loads of melted Swiss cheese. A very simple sandwich, but it absolutely blew me away – a pretty big deal considering I normally steer clear of sandwiches!

The beef and onions were served piping hot, and the flavour was rich and intense. The Swiss cheese added the perfect amount of moistness and texture to it and each bite was pure tastebud heaven. The texture of the beef was fantastic – soft and tender and perfectly seasoned. I also loved how the French baguette was crisp on the outside, but very soft and ‘collapsible’ once you took a bite, can’t stand baguettes that are so so crusty and hard they cut into the roof of your mouth when you take a bite!

The sizeable sandwich is served with a pot of coleslaw – which was cold and delicious, but could have used a little bit more mayonnaise in it. It’s also served with a pickle – perhaps it’s an American thing to do so but it definitely didn’t appeal to me so I left it alone ;)

Absolutely outstanding for 38元 (US$5.50) – not the cheapest compared to the other ultra-cheap delish foods I’ve found in the area.. but still a bargain compared to Aussie standards. Plus, it gives us a good dose of Western food whenever the craving strikes. Will most definitely be back, and cannot wait until they reopen after Chinese New Year!

Teeny tiny NYC Deli

Absolutely amazing Philly cheese steak sandwich, with coleslaw and pickle

Also got some chocolate & nut cookies for dessert.. these were just so-so,
could’ve been more fudgey and chocolatey

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