23 Jan

Simply Thai
159 Ma Dang Road
Xin Tian Di
Shanghai, China

Simply Thai was the restaurant of choice that my friend picked. It’s basically a fancy Thai restaurant for expats, PLUS it’s located in the Xin Tian Di area, another expat hot spot – leading me to believe my friend must not think I’m very local! At first, I was a little miffed, as I’d have preferred to try something a little more traditional Shanghainese…. but all doubts were washed away once the food arrived.

Located in the beautiful area of Xin Tian Di, the restaurant has a courtyard area outside (defunct at the moment as it’s winter and butt cold freezing) as well as 2 levels inside. It’s cozy, wooden, and candle-lit inside.. despite it being the middle of the day outside. There seems to be just as many wait staff as there are patrons, so service is really prompt and attentive – always a plus! Food is also served as equally swiftly.

After perusing the massive menu, we finally whittled ourselves down to a meagre 2 dishes.. in our effort to try and eat less ;) The Green Curry was very mildly spicy with a smooth creamy texture, with a lovely blend of various vegetables. I found the chicken nice and tender, though the portion was tiny. It’s expensive at 60元 – that’s basically Australian restaurant pricing! :(

The Pandan Leaf Chicken was utterly sublime. Whilst not-so-pleasantly dripping with oil, the chicken was moist and tender, with a hint of pandan flavour. Loved the strong charcoal fragrance and the dark sauce it was served with off-set it perfectly. Both dishes went well with large amounts of white rice, which we happily munched our way through.

Dessert though, was the best best best part. My friend convinced me to get the Sago & Coconut Pudding to share with her.. as she’d read great reviews about it. She was right – it was OUTSTANDING. The sago at the bottom is basically like a jelly, not much taste.. but the creamy coconut pudding (half liquid, half solid in texture) had that wonderfully rich, sweet flavour.. paired perfect with the little corn kernels throughout the dessert. It was served with the cutest tiny little spoon to scoop it all out of the pandan leaf. Absolutely delish!!

It worked out to 100元 (or US$15) per person.. which is pretty expensive (compared to local places here) considering 1) we ordered only a tiny bit and 2) we’re in China! Fortunately for them, the food is really good, and if you compare it to Western countries, it’s a reasonable deal. I’m going to go back with Chris on Mondays when (I discovered later), they have 50% off – woohoo!

The prominently positioned Simply Thai

Menu book – oh the selection!!

My very beautiful-looking tea

Pandan leave chicken. HOLY SMOKES this was good.

Chicken green curry

Sago & Coconut Pudding. OMG. *faint*

The beautiful, quiet roads of Xin Tian Di

Poking around in the Post Office Museum

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