19 Jan

I flew into Shanghai late on Sunday night.. just in time for a week-long whirlwind of conferences, meetings, and all-round madness. Unfortunately, Chris didn’t end up going on the flight with me.. because he had to go to Seattle instead – coincidently he also had a week of conferences!

New Harbour Service Apartments was the place we selected since it was smack bang in the City and also across the road from my office. No regrets at all, as I’m delighted at its proximity to everything – a mere 2 mins walk to work across the road, food and shops lined up and down alllllll the surrounding streets – ranging from highend to little roadside joints. It’s fabulous!

The apartment is pretty roomy, bigger than mine in Australia I think. Gorgeous views and really great service. The best part is that the maid comes in 2x/week to clean the place – no housework for me – woohoo!!! I dragged out the spare quilt and snuggle under it on the couch whilst I’m watching TV and surfing the internet. Ahhh simple luxuries…

A little kitchen near the entrance. Fully equipped but don’t think we’ll be using
it much:P See the water dispenser on the left? It’s ‘cos you can’t drink tap
water in Shanghai.. at least not without giving yourself a killer stomach ache ;)

Combined dining and living room. I love the wood flooring

Plus it’s a gorgeous view! We’re smack bang in the middle of the City

Bathroom. Not particular exciting except that they don’t provide
tissues. For some crazy reason, in China, they use toilet paper
in place of tissues! So we need to buy our own…

Cozy bedroom, also with a fantastic view

The other bedroom.

Stock image of their indoor headed pool

Stock image of the gym

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