14 Jan

Hellooooooo from SHANGHAI!!!

I’ve been awol and internet-less this entire time *twitch* But now finally am back in the world and gradually settling in. Loads has happened in the past few days, so I’m going to bring it all up to date before I get started with my Shanghai entries.

Anyway. The moving out bit. It is TERRIFYING thinking that you’ve got to pack up your entire life, not to mention overwhelming, “where they hell am I gonna start?!” and all, but really, when you get down to it, you really do pull your socks up and get it all done. Granted, I did have it easy because the relocation company took care of virtually everything.. so technically I didn’t have to lift a finger to pack. However, me being me (control freak, anyone?), I did pack up most of my stuff.. especially the small stuff and valuable articles. So much so the removalists went “Is this it??? You are the best person to work for, ever!” because I did most of the work for them, LOL.

Got up early to go to the China embassy to get my visa on Tuesday, then dashed back home to get the airmail shipment packed and shipped off.. and I was moved into a hotel for the next few days. The 2 seamail shipments went off in the next 2 days, which was a frantic whirlwind. Then came the apartment cleaning and moving the ferrets over to Chris’ mate’s place for the meantime.

After all that, I was pretty destroyed from all the running back-and-forth, not to mention the headache/stress of managing the logistics and process of it all – it was actually much harder than I thought trying to get everything organised and making sure all the pieces were in the right places. Not to mention I had to do it all myself, since Chris had to be in the office every day as he was up to his ears in work. WHEW! Was exhausted and strung out beyond belief. It’s CRAZY packing and moving your entire life in just THREE DAYS, so my piece of advice for everyone – don’t do it ;)

Lastly came my little treat, a spa treatment at Endota.. free thanks to my credit card points. It was much anticipated and was what kept me going through the past few days.. just my little moment to relax and treat myself. Felt amazing afterwards – well massaged and pampered. Divine :)

My one and only moment of peace and solitude in a frantic week

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