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I just had to blog these because they are AMAZING. Another Hong Kong purchase. They’re Crocs ‘santa cruz’ flats and they actually shock me by how fantastic they are. I’ve gone a bit ‘off’ ballet flats, because they’re just too, well, flat. They don’t really support my feet and my heels get sore since there’s no cushioning. Plus, they make my feel look a bit lumpy.

I really liked these Crocs flats because they have a really bouncy cushioned sole, that’s really really comfortable on the inside because it has those little nubby things that massage your foot. The canvas upper looks really flattering on my foot and helps my feet breathe. Most incredibly, THEY ARE SO LIGHT!!!!! These shoes are so ridiculously light it’s like you’re walking barefoot. I walked all around Hong Kong with these for hours and don’t get all the typical isssues I normally get – blisters, or shoes that bite at the heel, or sore toes, or sore heels, etc, etc… One of the very BEST shoes I’ve bought in a long, long time.

Totally, absolutely impressed with them. I want to get them in a different design now :)

Very normal-looking Crocs

They’re ULTRA comfy and so so so so light!

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