10 Aug

Very very pleased today I got my gorgeous Gucci limited edition beaded heels!! :D

The size 5 fit me like a total charm, it was like a sign ;) I love the intricacy of the beadwork and it’s so cheery and sparkly. Plus I love how they’re limited edition so the whole world won’t be wearing them (ummm.. unless they start making the fake version, ack). They’re so pretty I keep staring at them in awe, haha! I’m too lazy to take photos so here are the stock photos – not as pretty as what they look in real life, but oh well!

Gucci limited edition beaded heels

A very apt quiz given this entry… ummm, apart from the
fact that my new shoes aren’t exactly flat sandals!

You are Flat Sandals

Casual yet flirty
You look great in a simple top and jeans
Your look is approachable and cute!
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Posted by on 10 August 2007 (Fri) in Fashion, Gucci, Uncategorized



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