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Y’know that Brahim’s sauce packet that I used last week? I found them selling at the Asian grocery store at Chatswood! So I bought a Malaysian Chicken Curry one. The reason why I’m suspicious of “curry sauces” is because I’ve cooked with the unauthentic ones (eg. Maggi) and they are strange, watery, and not at all chicken curry. Disgusting!

I found that this sauce comes really really close to a traditional curry, and very lemak (thick/creamy). It was luscious, especially because the potatoes cooking in the curry makes it really creamy – it doesn’t rely on tons of coconut cream. Had it with Roti Prata which was buttery and delicious.. and the next night, had the leftover curry on rice. Delish!

Cooking the curry – only needed to add chicken, carrot, potatoes and onion

Pan-frying the Roti Prata

Mmm.. crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Roti Prata with Malaysian Chicken Curry

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