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So I did something really naughty and oh-so-impulsive a few days ago… I was flipping through Madison magazine and spotted this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Missoni rainbow scarf. My heart skipped a beat.

The story behind this scarf: I’d originally seen it almost a year ago in another magazine. It was soft, slinky and rainbow.. basically exactly what I like. I really wanted it and noticed that the magazine listed the stockist that was located in Sydney. So the next week, I went to the store and eagerly asked for “that Missoni rainbow scarf I saw in the magazine”.. only to be told “Oh hon, it was so popular we had a ton of enquiries. It’s sold out!”

Distraught and annoyed, I stalked eBay for the next few months.. waiting for the scarf to appear. IT NEVER DID. Hunted around the stores here, couldn’t find it. Went to the Missoni boutique in Singapore, still unavailable. Pretty much gave up home after 10+ months of looking.

Then a few days ago, Madison magazine featured THAT EXACT SCARF!!!! This time, I didn’t wait a week – I just called the store, Christine, and said “I WANT THAT MISSONI RAINBOW SCARF!!!” The store was located in Melbourne but the lady said she would be happy to Express Post it to me, so I would receive it the very next day.

I did :)

The scarf is divine. A beautiful vibrant slash of rainbow zigzags against a black background. It’s not too long, and is really soft. It looks fab tied around the waist, just under the bust, around the neck, as a hairband/hairtie, on a bag.. soooo many different possibilities! It also folds into a tiny little thing, so it’s nice to pop into the smallest of my bags to whip out if my neck feels chilly.

Eeeeeee!! It’s the cutest little thing. Just a nice every day accessory to add colour to my outfit :)

Missoni scarf

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